Hi, my name is Angela.

I am a writer and designer. I spend my free time reading Dorothy Sayers murder mysteries, watching Michael Beirut’s lectures on graphic design, and revising old stories that I will probably never publish.

I am an evangelical Anglican. I love the physicality of the Anglican experience—smelling the incense, tasting the Eucharist, kneeling in prayer. I love the drama of the liturgy. And I especially love the little oddities that breathe personality into my parish—like the paper mache deer that kneels at the foot of our cross.

I love art. I’m a frequent visitor at the Chicago Art Institute, a fervent admirer of Monet (who isn’t?), and a disciple of the orthodox icon tradition.

I am passionate about friendships with refugees and peacemaking between Christians and Muslims. Last year I traveled abroad, learning a new language and a navigating a new culture. I hope my thoughts and experiences will help you consider how you can be an instrument of God’s peace wherever you find yourself.

This blog is a collection of my musings and stories.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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