J’ai aimé

It may have been a rough week, so I thought I’d take an evening to reflect on a few of my fictional heroes/crushes. These guys are my favorites:


I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.

My dad read the Lord of the Rings aloud to me when we were living at our first house in Dallas, so I must have been about ten years old when I first fell in love with Strider aka Aragorn. My dad used to watch the trilogy in the corner of his browser while he was grading, and I remember crowding around his laptop with my siblings to watch Aragorn summon the army of the dead—it was one of our favorite scenes.

Percy Blakeney

They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere…

Percy Blakeney is the eighteenth century version of a super-hero—he’s the mystery man who swoops in just in time to rescue innocent aristocrats from the guillotine during the French Revolution. He swept me off my feet when I read about him in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Shortly thereafter, I named my cello “Percy.” (IMO, 1982 is the only acceptable film adaptation.)


Jean Baptiste Maunier

Jean Baptiste is not a fictional character, but I had to include him on this list anyway. Lily and I were obsessed with his voice. Right around the time we moved to our third house in Dallas, we watched an entire movie—Les Choristes—in French just to hear him sing. To this day, Robyn rolls her eyes whenever she hears Cerf-Volant or Concerto Pour Deux Voix.

Gilbert Blythe

Anne Shirley, what in the heck are you doing?

Fishing for lake trout.

I don’t feel like I really need to say anything here, because who doesn’t love Gilbert?

Harry Potter

Finally, the truth. Lying with his face pressed into the dusty carpet of the office where he had once thought he was learning the secrets of victory, Harry understood at last that he was not supposed to survive.

Yes, I cry when I read books and I definitely cried when I read that chapter. 

all this time

Laurie Lawrence

Jo should have married him—I would have.

Growing up with three sisters, this book was my life and I’ve never forgiven Jo for her mistake. Also, definitely watch the new BBC adaptation. I know that some people really like Christian Bale, but I like Jonah Hauer-King so much better.

marry him

Mr. Knightley

Badly done, Emma.

I’ve never been a big fan of Jane Austen’s men, but Mr. Knightly is my one exception. I love his relationship with Emma—insightful, endearing, and completely honest. It’s a beautiful thing to find someone who loves you enough to call you out when you’re making stupid, selfish choices.

Neal Caffrey

Why do I love Neal? I don’t know. The complete opposite of Knightley, Caffrey is far from honest…I definitely wouldn’t date him. But when I discovered him, there was a lot of chaos going on in my inner world. It felt stabilizing to watch this really handsome dude catch white collar criminals and put them in jail.

Lord Peter Wimsey

“Placetne, magistra?”


Latin has never made me so happy. I love all the Lord Peter mysteries, but the ones with Harriet are definitely my favorites. If you only read one, I suppose you ought to begin with Strong Poison since it’s the first in the Harriet sequence, but Gaudy Night is the cleverest. I usually prefer the tactile experience of a book over an audiobook, but Ian Carmichael’s audio recordings of the Peter Wimsey stories only enhance Sayers’ work.

So, am I crazy? Maybe…


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