J’aime la musique internationale

Fun fact: I love listening to international pop music. Usually I listen in French or Arabic but occassionally I toss in some German, Swahili or Gaelic. Can I understand the words? Usually I can’t. But I am irrationally delighted every time I catch a word or a phrase I can translate. 

Pourquoi » Why?

Listening to music in a foreign language helps me get familiar with its unique sounds and cadences. Since French and Arabic are the top two languages on my want-to-learn list, it’s no wonder I listen to them so often. But it’s not just a pragmatic choice. Music is cultural expression. Just like reading, music carries me around the world. I love feeling connected to other places and cultures by experiencing their music.

So join me on a musical tour. These are a few of my favorite pop artists and their songs:

Le Français

La vie ne perd pas de tempsLife does not waste time
Lilian Renaud

SOS (translation, music video)

Maintenant—Now (translation, music video)
Caroline Costa

63 rue Leman
Ingrid St Pierre

Ma philosophie—My Philosophy (translation)
Amel Bent


Ehlam May’aya—Dream with Me
Hamza Namira

Aa Bali Habibi

C’est La Vie—That’s Life

Tegheeb Tany
Mohamed Kelany

Nour El Ain—Light of My Eyes
Amr Diab

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