Lessons Learned » February 2018

Blog friends, it’s been so long since I last posted. I’m not a college student anymore, so all my writing projects are on hold. Maybe I’ll pull something out of the homework archive soon. But for now, I’ve gathered a list of things I learned last month. My dear friend Kate posts every month about what she’s done and learned. This month I felt inspired to post something too, so here’s a look back at February…

Colorado is spectacular!
I spent a weekend in Denver visiting my dear friend Bryn. We hiked around Red Rocks and in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was my first time to Colorado and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Always drive slower than you think you need to after a snowstorm.
I got in a major car accident on Roosevelt and totaled my faithful Sonic, Jack. I now drive a silver Subaru Legacy, name TBD. Said Subaru came with four wheel drive, seat warmers and a SUN ROOF. Do I love it? Yes I do.

It is so hard to turn off all the voices in my head.
I went on a silent weekend retreat with my Ignatian prayer group and I really struggled to quiet my spirit. In the afternoon, I took a walk in the snow and that’s where I finally found peace. I climbed a tree with Jesus and remembered how I used to imagine ice skating with him on a frozen river in paradise.

Trauma fundamentally changes the way that your body and brain behave.
Recently, I started an online course through the Allender Center on trauma from sexual abuse. It’s really insightful but also painful to work through the material as I think about the people I love who are victims of abuse. I find myself crying randomly often. (If you’re ever looking for solid psychology resources, I highly recommend everything available through the Allender Center. Their podcast is a great place to start.)

I have a lot to be grateful for…
…and I really should think about that more often. So I started a Wall of Happiness behind my bed. I’m papering the wall with pictures and mementos I’ve collected since I moved here in August. So far I’ve got letters from my sponsored child Peter, pictures of Scotland, postcards from Kate & Lily, my 5k race bib, a poem from Jim, and a list of things I’ve learned from Jesus in TI.

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