J14: Journaling

Prompt: In your opinion, what is the value of regular journaling, if any? What is your favorite way to journal?

I’ve kept a journal off and on since I was about eight years old. I guess you could say I’ve journaled pretty regularly for about half of my life. This assignment prompted me to crack open some old notebooks and look back on what I’ve written. Want to take a peek with me?  Here are a few entirely unedited entries:

  • August 3, 2003 “We are driving back from Michigan now.”

[Some things just don’t change. Feels like we’re always leaving.]

  • Oct 11, 2003 “We finished reading Little Women yesterday. Me Lily & Robyn are all jouroling. I have this journol, Lily has a skech book journol, & Robyn has a note book journol. I help Lily by spelling words for her. I help Robyn by encuredging her & saying wow to her pitchures.”

[Looks like I was a real spelling help to Lily. ]

  • March 28, 2005 “I just want to be perfect…I just have to try more.”

[Did I mention some things just don’t change? I am still a perfectionist.]

  • August 28, 2005 “I feel just as happy as if i were going to Blythefield to hear Pastor Louie. I don’t even know what church we’re going to today, but I hope I will hear a good sermon.”

[Umm–some things really don’t change. My family will laugh at this one. It is still my mantra today: Please, just give me a good sermon.]

I’m very much the same Angela.

journalsI used to keep those journals just for the fun of recording my daily activities. I read journals–you know that series of journals from kids throughout history? I read a few of them (didn’t realize they were fictional) and I thought it would be neat if some day some archeologist dug up my journal and people learned about ancient American history by reading what I wrote. Far fetched, I know. But it seemed plausible then.

Today, I journal for different reasons. My journal now serves as a kind of spiritual thermometer. John Piper is right, “There are eyes in pencils and in pens” and my journal is a lens through which I view my life.

You’ll see some of the common themes in it. Leaving Michigan takes up a lot of space. I still vow to just work harder like Orwell’s horse, Boxer. And you will even find notes from especially excellent sermons copied in.   One thing has changed though. Thanks to spell check and a little growing up, my spelling has improved dramatically.

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