J12: Gifts

Prompt: write about one of your family’s Christmas traditions.

Christmas is not my birthday. It’s not your birthday. It’s Jesus’ birthday. And Jesus says, “The way you treat the least of these is the way you are ultimately treating me.”

So what are you willing to give Jesus for his birthday?

My family flips through catalogs over the month of December, choosing gifts. Gifts for Jesus.

We chat excitedly as we flip pages, making hard choices. A chicken for a family in Senegal. Vocational training for women in Thailand. Mosquito nets. A medicine kit. Maybe if we pooled our money we could buy a cow for Jesus. We glance at the price tag. Then again, maybe not. Jesus would have to do a loaves and fishes miracle to come up with that much money.

It’s one of my favorite traditions. All year we save up dollars to give on Christmas Day. Even my littlest sisters collect coins in a Christmas jar. And on Jesus’ birthday, coins and dollars transform into goats and Bibles for families far away.

On Christmas morning we find no presents under a lighted tree. No plastic gadgets that the world says we need. And we simply don’t care.

It’s better to give.


That’s what He did for us.

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