CW6: Lady Eve

Prompt: Write a narrative poem.

The Lady Eve in paradise
Oft’ through the orchards roamed,
And one day there beheld the place
A curious tree had grown.

Its dangling fruit was crimson-red;
It graced the golden branches strong.
And lo! upon the tree was writ:
“For knowing right from wrong.”

She knew ‘twas the forbidden fruit
And still, she longed to gaze.
So subtly in her heart was born
a faint yet deep malaise.

Then from above, she heard a hiss,
She saw the serpent’s blood-red lips,
Thought only of the benefits—
Believed, did not resist.

“Taste and see,” his challenge rang.
“You will truly live,” he lied.
She took, she ate, and seemed alive.
But in her heart, she died.

the fall

1 Comment

  1. this is lovely, angela! poeticly, it has vivid imagery and a wonderful cadence. story-wise i’m really impressed that you made a poem off this Bible story but stayed true to Scripture–that’s not easy to do, but i think you accomplished it! very nice job.

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