J5: Difficult Situation

Prompt: Have you ever been in a difficult situation that you didn’t know how you would get out of?

I am trapped, bound, unable to escape.

My heart is chained and the chains are taut. Sometimes the pulling of places and people makes me wonder if someday this heart might split.

I guess you could call it a difficult situation.

Eighteen years ago, my heart was chained to hearts in Almost Eden.

Last week, God shackled me to Haiti’s orphans. He chained me to the prisoners of Port-au-Prince, the children trapped between concrete walls lined with razor wire. The walls are designed to keep people out, but when you spend years inside them, they also imprison you.

IMG_3214Marquise braided a blue and gold bracelet for me and tied it round my wrist. And this manacle is light, but the fetters on my heart are heavy.

I look out over this country and wonder why God doesn’t reach down and scoop these children up into His arms. Why doesn’t he wipe away their tears right now? Because until He does, they’re trapped in this broken land.

And I got out of that country and came back here to the comfort of the states, but my normal no longer exists because I know their reality. And love chains me to them.

We are a part of the same body.

We are one, eternally chained together because we have both been eternally chained to Christ.

And yes, this is difficult, and yes, it hurts, and I know I will never get out. I will never take off these manacles because His love never gives up and I will always be chained to Christ.


  1. Wow Angela! I have truly been astonished and blessed by your writing this school year. More than just the poignancy of your word choices, the themes and stories you tell are so powerful! It seems like I have tears in my eyes whenever I read anything you have written. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!

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